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A Pork Pie hat only has one circular crease around the edge of the crown, often creating a stark contrast between the vertical and horizontal areas of the hat. Alternatively, fedoras often feature deeper and larger indentions that encompass the entirety of the top of the crown, as well as smaller indentions of the sides of the crown (which make them easier to take on and off). So, while they may share some basic similarities, the Pork Pie and Fedora hats are extremely different in both style and form!

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If you’re looking to add a piece of history to your outfit, then these wool felt men’s pork pie hat is the hat for you. Since the 1860s, this style has been adorning the finest of gentlemen. The oval telescope crown is surrounded by a classic grosgrain ribbon hat band that is finished with a single bow. 

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The fedora’s enduring popularity is due to the wide range of styles available. Even if shades of black, grey and brown are the most common, the fedora is conceivable in all sorts of materials and colours. Headwear with a similar shape as the felt version is also referred to as a fedora. The trilby, which has a similar shape, is derived from the fedora. The main difference is that the brim is narrower, whilst being emphasised and curved up at the back.

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Derby Hat

The traditional Bowler Hat goes by many names, including the Billycock, Bob Hat, Bombin, and the Derby Hat (we will explain more about that last confusing name a little later on). Unlike the more old-fashioned top hat that preceded it, the Bowler Hat can be recognized by its distinctive round crown. The brim is generally short and upturned, though dozens of modern versions exist with varied brims. Traditionally, the Bowler was a black felt hat worn by men as a semi-formal accessory. Today, Bowler Hats come in many different shades and styles for both men and women.

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